Cheshire gas installation services for cookers, fireplaces and central heating systems

Homeowners often take for granted their gas appliances such as boilers, cookers and fireplaces and rarely take action until they notice a problem.

Gas installation can be extremely dangerous if not regularly checked and maintained by a professional Gas Safe accredited engineer. As a Gas Safe Member – Cheshire based LB Plumbing have a legal obligation to work safely on your gas installations. Poorly maintained or fitted gas appliances can be deadily if not handled by a professional. Every Year 20 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by badly fitted gas installations so its absolutely paramount that you hire LB Plumbing to check your boilers, fireplaces, cookers and central heating systems. Your saftey is top priority.

Service, repair and installation of gas cookers

As opposed to Electric cookers, natural gas installations are far more economical. In terms of energy costs gas cookers cost half as much to use in comparison to electric cookers. It may cost a little bit more to buy gas appliances compared to their electrical counterparts but will pay you back with energy savings and years of reliable service.

Gas fires vs electric fires

A gas fireplace can be a better alternative to its electric counterpart, Its cheaper, quicker and much more efficient at heating the living room on a cold winter’s day. Get in touch with LB Plumbing to find out more.

Service, repair and installation of gas boilers

Get Cheshire based LB Plumbing to carry out your natural gas boiler installations. We have a page dedicated to boiler installations, so for more info Click Here to go straight there.

Eliminate the risks associated with dodgey gas installation. LB Plumbing have the correct tools to check all your gas appliances and detect leaks. Indications of Gas leakage can be detected by a slight smell, or a bill that’s higher than your usual usage. If you happen to suspect any leakages or dangerous appliances call LB Plumbing IMMEDIATELY!

For Emergencies Call: 0800 111 999.ナイトメア・ビフォア・クリスマス 10th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL コレクションドール ゼロ ジュンプランニング (未使用、新古品、パッケージダメージあり)
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